New Frontier is a Patient Centric Healthcare Company

Founded in October 2016, New Frontier has evolved into an integrated healthcare system based in China focused on delivering world class, patient centric healthcare. We operate a system of acute hospitals, online hospital, rehabilitation and geriatric hospitals, oncology centres, ambulatory centres, outpatient clinics, home health network, doctor groups, training centres and health insurance service across China. To date, we have collectively raised and deployed approximately US$3 billion through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Today, we service several million patients every year across the Greater China region.

Industry builder

We build and develop healthcare platforms across the value chain. We carry out in-depth studies in patient needs and policy changes, and the opportunities they bring.


We have developed world class group healthcare infrastructure and expertise ranging from quality, technology, insurance, talent, to empower our managers to focus on quality and growth.


Our “Buy-and-Build” model accelerates growth to achieve critical scale benefits; allowing us to create improvements in operating efficiency, and service quality.

Strategic Investor

Our network and market position give us access to high quality investment opportunities in industry leaders across the healthcare value chain. We operate flexible capital structure, but a stringent due diligence process.

New Frontier Health (United Family Healthcare)

The leading integrated chain of private hospitals and clinics in China

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New Frontier Vitality

The leading post acute healthcare company in China operating a network of rehabilitation and geriatric hospital and home health services

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New Frontier GBA Healthcare

Developing a new state-of-the-art Pan Greater Bay healthcare network

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New Frontier Insurance

Building affordable commercial health insurance solutions

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Latest News


2024年6月22日,妙佑医疗国际(Mayo Clinic) 正式宣布中国首个妙佑医疗国际代表处落址和睦家上海院区内。同时,新风天域也宣布启动国际医疗服务中心,为国内外患者提供一体化就诊服务。




The Hong Kong Medical Association and United Family Healthcare signed a memorandum of cooperation on the “Pilot Program for Training and Exchange of Medical Talents between Hong Kong and the Mainland”

The Hong Kong Medical Association (“HKMA”) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) on cooperation with the United Family Healthcare (“UFH”) to establish a “Pilot Programme for Medical Talent Training and Exchange between Hong Kong and the Mainland”. This allows Hong Kong medical students to train at mainland hospitals while also launching CME courses for doctors in both regions to participate, broadening talent exchange reach.



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