New Frontier Insurance

Building affordable commercial health insurance solutions that drive the development of a multi-layered payor system in China

We partner with top-tier insurance companies and comprehensive network of hospitals and doctors to provide individuals and corporates with innovative health insurance solutions

Insurance Solutions Provider

We empower the leading insurers in China to launch, operate and distribute personalized and value-based health products to individuals and corporates

Insurance Brokerage

We provide a wide range of insurance products ranging from health, life and annuities for the growing mass-affluent market

“Driven by structural changes in the public health system, we remain focused on developing value-based health insurance solutions that provides people with affordable, quality and accessible care ”



Our Portfolio

Better Health

Better is dedicated to providing comprehensive health and wealth insurance coverages for China’s emerging middle-class

Prosper Health

Prosper is a leading insurance solutions provider for personalized and value-based health insurance and health management services in China