Care Alliance Opens Geriatric Rehabilitation Ward at Care Alliance Rehabilitation Hospital of Chengdu

On Feb 27th, 2019, Care Alliance, an affiliate of New Frontier Health, officially began to welcome patients to its newly opened geriatric rehabilitation ward at Care Alliance Rehabilitation Hospital of Chengdu after an elaborate preparation.

Care Alliance recognizes the separation of senior caring and rehabilitation among domestic nursing homes right now and aims to differentiate from the rest by building an integrated system consisted of geriatric medicine, rehabilitation, health maintenance and caring. Care Alliance will focus on these features as its comparative advantage and provide a closed loop of medical diagnosis, body dysfunction recovery, senior body maintenance and caring, nutrition support, and psychological guidance.
The ward will mainly admit patients of geriatric and chronic disease and provide them with diagnosis, body dysfunction assessment and treatment, and sub-health status management.

There are three hanging gardens and multiple recreational spaces in the ward, creating a pleasant and comfortable living environment for patients. At the same time, each room is equipped with call device and obstacle-free system, making patients’ life in here more convenient.

The geriatric rehabilitation ward of Care Alliance Rehabilitation Hospital of Chengdu bases on comprehensive geriatric diagnosis and focuses on dysfunction rehab and senior caring as comparative advantage. From a multi-dimensional perspective of prevention-treatment-rehabilitation, Care Alliance aims to solve issues revolve around treatment of geriatric disease, dysfunction recovery, senior body maintenance and long-term caring.


Brian Siu, Vice-President of New Business, New Frontier Group (+ 852 6491 9230)
Shiming Li, Consultant, Linkforward PA Consulting Company (+852 9389 8961)