Unimed launches its medical center in Guangzhou

Unimed, a New Frontier Health company has just opened an outpatient clinic, day surgery center and medical imaging center in Guangzhou.

The service provided at Unimed Guangzhou Clinic includes internal medicine, pediatrics, and traditional Chinese medicine care, etc., and also has a day surgery center and a medical imaging centre. Relying on the strong expert resources of Unimed Doctor Group, Unimed Guangzhou Clinic aims to deliver attentive care to people in the Guangdong province.

The opening of the Unimed Guangzhou clinic represents another step Unimed is taking to combine the medical resources across the China Greater Bay area.


Brian Siu, Vice-President of New Business, New Frontier Group (+ 852 6491 9230)
Shiming Li, Consultant, Linkforward PA Consulting Company (+852 9389 8961)