Coronavirus Medical Relief Donation

In light of the recent outbreak of the new coronavirus in Wuhan, New Frontier Group and United Family Healthcare (“UFH”), together with their strategic partners have announced a donation to Leishenshan Hospital, Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, and other institutions which are at the frontline of the fight against the new coronavirus.

The relief donation of medical equipment and consumables includes 19 ICU ventilators with 500 breathing circuits and 21 breathing masks, 150,000 pair of medical examination gloves, 50,000 N95 masks for medical uses, 3,960 goggles, and 185 reusable face shields. These medical supplies are sourced across China and around the globe by UFH’s experienced supply chain team and will be directly shipped to the recipient hospitals. The first batch has arrived Leishenshan Hospital today and the remaining supplies will be shipped in the coming few days. New Frontier and UFH will continue to source the supplies to support the frontline.

We hope that the donation will help safeguard the lives of the courageous medical staff who are working tirelessly on frontline in Hubei province; bringing relief to all those affected by the disease.

As one of the leading private healthcare operators in China, New Frontier Group / UFH are committed to provide high quality and patient centric service for the health and wellbeing of the people we serve, the communities we are in, and our nation as a whole.

Special thanks to our partners Care Alliance, Peterson Foundation, Hysan, Shui On Group, Aspex Management, Mr & Mrs Antony Leung, Carl Wu and Janice Man who have participated in and helped with this donation.


New Frontier Group
Department of Communications