Care Alliance and Tianfu New Area Investment officially launch project for Rehab Medical Center

As one of the fruitful results of the Hong Kong-Sichuan cooperation, the Tianfu New Area Rehab Medical Center has officially been launched on September 21, 2018

Deputy Director of Chengdu Tianfu New Area Management Committee Mr. Liu Renyuan, Chairman of Chengdu Tianfu New Area Investment Group Co. Mr. Zhong Hongwei, Chairman of New Frontier Group Mr. Antony Leung and the Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of Care Alliance Mr. Yuan Shuai and Mr. Xu Chen attended the Foundation Ceremony.

The project is a high-end rehabilitation medical facility development by The Chengdu Tianfu New Area Healthcare Industry Investment Group, a subsidiary firm of the Chengdu Tianfu New Area Investment Group, and Care Alliance, a subsidiary of the New Frontier Group.

The center will integrate care, rehabilitation and medical treatment, it aims to introduce innovative techniques and advanced practices from Hong Kong to Sichuan, at the same time targets to build a post-acute medical service system that covers all age groups, all types of rehabilitation service demand and all servicing models.

The plan to build a 51,000 square-meter medical center will become the benchmark healthcare project for future medical centers in Sichuan. It has geriatric hospital service and elderly apartment with around 1,100 licensed beds in total. Among all beds, 800 are allocated to geriatric hospital inpatient department, which provides medical treatment and rehabilitation exercises to the elderly patients with acute diseases, chronic diseases or in rehabilitation phase. 300 beds are designed for the elderly apartment, which is equipped with catering, cleaning, entertainment and healthcare service facilities, providing all-inclusive high-quality elderly care services.

“We will expand ourselves to the pan south-western region of China, and be known as one of the leaders in the China market.” said by the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Care Alliance Mr. Xu Chen. Care Alliance is committed to the development of rehabilitation and health markets in the south-western region of China, not only paying efforts in establishing rehabilitation medical center and cultivating talents but also pushing to establish the industry standard and the new cooperating mechanism in the healthcare field between Sichuan and Hong Kong.

The project is a critical component of the Hong Kong-Sichuan cooperation in Chengdu Tianfu New Area. This project will be seen as a flagship result of the Hong Kong-Sichuan cooperation, at the same time it will accelerate the development of the healthcare industry and the progress of the health businesses, eventually establish a new economic growth model that drives the innovative mechanism for Sichuan Tianfu New Area.

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