NF Capital

Innovating for the next generation of capital management.

New Frontier Group and its affiliates own and manage a strategically diverse but thematically focused asset portfolio. We deploy strategies via series of fund / vehicles, including private equity, credit, real assets, and fund of funds.

At New Frontier Capital we believe that the needs of investors are fast evolving. Sophisticated investors are looking beyond traditional products available. Successful asset managers must combine the art of asset management with operating know-how and technology.

Private equity

Buy-out and strategic minority investments


Opportunistic financing solutions

Fund of funds

Supporting talented teams and ideas

Real assets

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"We have the best multidiscipline team in the region. They help turn our vision into reality."

Carlos Ng
Partner - New Frontier

“The financial industry is changing like never before. New Frontier is well placed to lead the next wave of innovation."

Harry Chang
Managing Director - New Frontier
New Approach
From ageing population to the changing needs of education in the 21st Century, New Frontier Real Asset Holding takes a thematic approach to heavy asset investing. Our assets across Greater China help to provide the best built environments for our patients, students, staff and other end users of our companies for decades to come.
Apart from servicing the operating companies within our group, NF Real Asset Holding also provides of equity and debt capital solutions for external parties.

From concept design to operational management, we take a holistic approach to each of our developments, so they become beacons in the communities to which they serve.

"We take a user centric approach to all our projects. From master planning to service design, every aspect is considered to deliver the total NF experience."

Ed Tam
Vice Chairman & Chief Design Officer - New Frontier
Key Leaders
New Frontier Capital aims to invest and back the entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow. We focus on long term favorable macro and policy trends in the New Economies: Healthcare, Education, High Tech Innovation, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Technologies. Given our expertise, network and New Frontier Group’s strategic platforms, we are uniquely placed to create long term value in the Greater China markets.