NF Innovation

Building internet pioneers that are disrupting traditional business models

We live in a world where many traditional industries are operating inefficiently, and no longer provide the best solution to the needs of today's consumers.
We see opportunities to revamp, recreate and refine the next generation of internet businesses that we have demanded regardless of time. Our vision is to build long lasting and evolving business that is heavily empowered by latest technology.

Execution Excellence

Our proprietary launch program allows us to build and scale companies at lightning speed: we are able to build and launch new concepts in as little as eight weeks.

Powerful Infrastructure

Our platform gives our entrepreneurs plug-play solutions to finance, legal, talent management and other administrative systems, allowing them to focus on their business and customers.

"I get a great sense of satisfaction seeing boxful of things people treasure stacked beautifully and safely in our warehouse"

Norman Cheung
Co-Founder & CEO - Boxful

“There are so many talented individuals in the region. In little over six months we have generated almost HK$100m worth of businesses. And I think we’re just scratching the surface."

Ed Tam
Co-Founder & CEO - HelloToby
Our Companies
Boxful is Asia's largest on demand storage service provider.
Creating more living and working space for the world's busiest and densest cities.


HelloToby is the fastest growing marketplace for local services in the region.
Helping thousands of talented SMEs and individuals grow and flourish.