NF Health

Building China's next generation healthcare and senior care infrastructure.

New Frontier Health is on a mission to building China's next generation of healthcare and senior care infrastructure. We partner with world class healthcare and business professionals to create companies with the shared mission of enhancing the health and wellbeing of the nation.

We apply stringent tests to examine every investment case. We study demographic and health needs, changing governmental policies and gaps in the value chain to maxmise our impact.

To date, we have an operation platform with close to 1,000 health specialists, 400 medical experts and a trainer team experienced nurses from around the world.

Evidence and people centric care

We follow international medical standards and procedures to ensure we deliver the highest quality care at the point of delivery. We believe the best way of achieving quality care is by placing the patient at the centre.

Strong support services

To maximise synergies across the healthcare platform we have created centralised IT, finance, marketing, training, construction and procurement functions allowing us to share resources as well as best practices.

Healthcare Eco-System

Our portfolio companies are inter-connected and together form a holistic eco-system of care. Patient and staff has access to all the knowledge and expertise across the network.


Heathcare companies

5 heathcare companies covering acute care, rehabilitation, elderly care and children care, and a training centre.


Hospital beds

We have over 3500 hospital beds across 5 hospitals and day care centres.


Expert staff

From healthcare managers and specialist doctors to general practitioners and caregivers.

“We feel encouraged by the recent national healthcare reforms, and we are excited to play a leading role in its transformation.”

Raymond Tam
Vice-Chairman - New Frontier Health
Our Activities

Our ecosystem is designed to address the most pressing healthcare issues in China. Through our holistic approach we are able deliver better medical outcomes for our patients and superior return for our investors.

Post acute healthcare company in south west china

Largest doctors group in china

Leading eastern china home health operator

Our Companies

We have a diverse portfolio of healthcare companies that are all growing rapidly in each of their domain.

Care Alliance operates a portfolio of hospital and clinic assets in South West China.
Augmenting China's post acute healthcare infrastructure by building and operating high quality rehabilitation, skilled nursing and long term care facilities.


YD Care is a leading in home assisted living brand in China.
Delivering personalised, high quality and cost effective senior care solutions to the homes of 250 million seniors in China.


Best Unimed is one of the first and the leading medical groups in China. With over 300 of the China's top physicians, across 34 different specialties.
Currently operating several large outpatient and day surgery centres and are building two large international hospitals in Guangdong.